Pro Tip: Install LGTM as a Google Chrome Extension. You can then LGTM with a click of a button.
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Looks good to me (LGTM) is the most popular comment on Github, perhaps. But LGTM is boring. So we spice it up with some images.


LGTM as text


LGTM with fun


Crafting images and picking them works fine on a leisurely day, but at crunch time, it helps to crowdsource your LGTMs.

Quick and Easy

This is the effective javascript in the extension. Feel free to create your own if you don't like the default implementation. The extension source is here.

$.getJSON("", function (data) {
	 append("\n\n" + data.markdown);


The project is hosted on Github at rahulsom/lgtmin. Feel free to fork it and send a Pull Request. It also serves as the issue tracking system.

There is the occasional porn/hatespeech/whatever else that makes this community look bad. If you see that, please send a tweet out to me, and I'll exercise the kill switch.


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